Terms Of Service

Octopus VPN
These Terms of Service govern your use of our account creation site, VPN app and related services, which are owned and operated by Octopus VPN.

❎No Torrent ❎No Carding ❎No Spamming ❎No Cracking ❎No Phishing ❎No DOS, DDOS ❎No Hacking ❎No Reposting or Reuploading of Created Accounts

All data on this site is facilitated on our server so we don't permit our data to be spread without consent from us to maintain a strategic distance from abuse of the information that we give.

In the event that we found our data on a site that doesn't have authorization from us, we will report your site as the data theft to DMCA and Google.

Lastly, always prevent from torrenting files since this is the major cause of servers going down because of copyright infringement concerns.