Frequently Asked Questions

Octopus VPN
Here are some answers to common questions you might have asked about our offered free service.
Is Octopus VPN free?

Yes its free. Octopus VPN offers free premium accounts good for 10 days which could be upgraded through voucher codes.

How do voucher codes work?

Voucher codes could be redeemed free in the panel. Each day you could claim a maximum of 3 vouchers which you could use to upgrade an existing account. You are able to upgrade a VPN or a V2Ray account and depending on what you get, it could extend or make your account be able to authenticate with all the servers in the panel.

How Does a VPN Work?

A VPN creates an encrypted, end-to-end tunnel between your device and our dedicated servers. Once you’re connected to our premium VPN servers, your data is fully encrypted and secured all the way through to its final destination. Since your data is fully protected until it reaches its destination, security and privacy are greatly enhanced.

Can Using a VPN Increase My Speed?

If your connection is being throttled, using a VPN can dramatically increase your speeds. Picking a server closer to your physical location and reducing the level of encryption are other strategies to increase VPN speeds.

What Are the Common Uses?

Anonymity. Using a VPN obscures websites from seeing your true IP. We also don’t log any VPN traffic. Your communication and identity will remain private.

Bypassing Firewalls. Do you believe in the Great Firewall? Neither do we. A free and open Internet is more than just a saying in our office.

Access Websites and Videos from Anywhere. Information is power. Information should be available from anywhere around the globe.

Security. Whether you are trying to fend off hackers or access sensitive information from an unsecured hotspot, our 256-bit encryption has you covered.